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 We have been engaged in design, development and consultancy work for more than 30 years, mainly in engine design.

    For engine design, it is possible to design as for everything from the overall layout to each part detail design.

    In the drive system, it is possible to design manual missions for four-wheeled vehicles and missions for motorcycles.

 We have design and development experience in a wide variety of engines, from the original engine for scooters to various race engines, from prototype engines to mass production engines. We are still trying to design engines for various new technology tests.

 Our design and development technology I hope to be of service to you.



We will help you with your various requests.

Domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers and motorcycle manufacturers

I want to design a new engine, but I don't have enough design man-hours.!


I want to develop an engine that incorporates new technology, but I'm having trouble with a technology that I don't have any experience with!


I want to verify the validity of the overall layout of the engine and the design of each part!


I want to design and develop the difference of the variation of the current situation, such as the difference in displacement, in a short delivery time!


I want to solve the problem as soon as possible so as not to be late from the development plan!

Race Team

The date of the shakedown is fixed, but the design man-hours are insufficient!

I want a new idea for performance UP and the number of revolutions UP!


I want to confirm the strength etc. how much weight is good to each part!

I want to know the technical information of the advanced race engine such as F1.I also want to consider whether the technology can be applied!


There are materials that cannot be arranged, and unknown heat treatment, etc.

Individual customers

I'm in a classic car, but I can't get the parts!

I want to make original parts of classic cars!


I have trouble with maintenance such as the OH of the classic car!


I want to be able to run a classic car without any problems in the current traffic environment!

Because I want to tune the engine, I want to make parts though it is an individual!

Parts manufacturers

I want to sell my own parts to automobile manufacturers!


I'm researching a new technology, but I want advice from the engine design side!


I want an idea to reduce the cost of parts production!


Of parts manufacturers of different industries, get information and also want to reference!


I want to test evaluate the engine for development, but I don't have any equipment! There is no man-hours!

Aftermarket maker and tuning shop

I want to design, develop and sell the performance parts of this new model!

I want to make a certain part, but there is no place to rely on the production destination!


I want to reduce the cost of parts currently on sale!

I'm tuning a lot, but i'm in trouble because I can't get the power as I thought

Camshaft profile, etc., the original parts I want to manufacture and sell!

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